Friday, May 02, 2008

May first

I´ve been down with a nasty flu a couple of days so sketchbooks and pens have been sadly neglected. When I checked my diary from last year It was the same case then. Must be something with these longer weekends. Since May 1st is free for everyone a lot of people take an extra day on friday and gets four days off from work.
The picture above is actually from last year, but the same date. It´s the main street of a small town called Tidaholm a half hour drive from where I live. The image below I made yesterday and it´s from Hjo, where I live. The name is pronounced as "You" and our town slogan is "I love Hjo". It´s a very small town and kind of a summer resort. The lake on the right is Vättern, Swedens second biggest lake.


Anita Davies said...

Which markers do you use?

Christina´s sketchblog said...

I color everything in photoshop and there I use different brushes. Often a crayon-like one. I scan the inkdrawing and keep that one in one layer and then I ad the color to a second one.

Joakim said...

Jättefint. Imorgon publicerar jag en snygg tavla på min blogg. Håll utkik. Ha d egott /Joakim