Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Does someone live in the park?

I have my office or studio in the central part of Skövde. Just a few steps from our building is a park located, not a big one but a nice place to sit down and perhaps have your lunch when it´s warm. A while ago some construction work must have been going on cause a small wagon was suddenly parked in the middle of the park. It looked kind of a spontanious camping was taking place since I never saw any builders or construction workers around. It became even more odd when a portable loo was place by the side of the wagon. I couldn´t help myself but draw it.
On the side I added some people I saw here and there. By the way- the small text notes in swedish is my way to remember colors when I sketch. Since I add color later I tend to forget without those little memory notes.


richofbeach said...

Please link to these sites

Knitting Painter Woman said...

I don't have photos of Cornwall, but assume you have searched at Flickr(dot)com. Your drawings are SO accomplished. I can see lots of rendering practice... and accurate perspective studies. But I think I like the ones with people the best... The three fellow waiting for the bus, for example, made me feel I knew them.