Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time for a break

These two works at the advertising agency where I have my workspace. For many years I ran my illustration business from my home. But in the end I felt a bit isolated, especially since I live in a small town. I also wanted to have more input proffessionally. Now I have colleages and I do a lot of illustrations for advertising agencies anyway so it works really well. This is Cecilia and Pernilla taking a short break.


Spanarn said...


Har du någon officiell hemsida där man kan se vad du har för kunder??

Ha de gott //Spanarn

Christina´s sketchblog said...

min hemsida är
men jag har nog inte uppdaterat kundregistret på länge. Jag jobbar mest mot reklambyråer, företag och kommuner.
Ha det gott