Thursday, September 25, 2008

From Swedish theatre in Helsinki

The street in front of the beautiful Swedish Theatre in Helsinki. Our feet were aching severly after hours of walking through the town and finally we ended up here at the theater café.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On Queen street

I love september. These last couple of days the sun has been shining and I don´t intend to brag but the nordic light is fantastic. ( Maybe it´s a compensation for those winter months when there is none at all :-) )Today when I took a walk during my lunch hour everything seemed so crisp and clear and I wished I had brought my camera. But at least I managed to draw something, not anything special, just a little part from the city centre.

Monday, September 22, 2008

More from my trip

Thank you for your nice comments everyone. It´s make all the difference to know that someone apprieciate your stuff.
I was surprisingly productive during my trip to Finland and I still have some sketches to publish. The upper one is from the very centre of town were the big ferries from Sweden and Estonia anchor just in front of you. There are Viking lines red fleet and the blue one´s of Silja line. It´s pretty impressing. Most countrymen of mine come here with one of these on a the weekend or over-night cruise, staying just for a day. In the background a glimpse of the sea and the archipelago. Finland is the land of a thousand lakes and that is not an overexaggeration, rather the opposite.
Each evening we of course had to get a bite and we happened to end up at this italian place two nights in a row. Great food and a very nice athmosphere. And a great place to draw some of the other guests.
The lady with the cards is from the airport though. She and some other gals, I believe they were danish, spent the time before getting on a plane with a game of cards.
I´m already looking forward to next fall when we plan to go to Ireland. Please let me know if you have any other tip were else to go to draw.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Helsinki Harbour

Late friday afternoon and time to go home. I will publish this one from Helsinki harbour before I close down the computor for today. It was warm and sunny when I sat there but I only drew a couple of the endless row of luxorious
yachts that laid there.
This week has been hopeless to plan due to some sudden new commission that is due next week. But I have hope for the weekend. Have a nice one everyone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Along the boulevard, Helsinki

Hi everyone,
Now I´ve manage to complete another of my sketches from Helsinki. This one is made outside the oldest café in town. At least that is what the guide told us. It is called Ekberg and has a completely real retrostyle. Nice to see that some places are untouched by the different styles that pass by and have managed to keep their soul. They served a nice lunchbuffé with hot soup, delicious sandwishes on the excellent finnish dark bread and great coffee. They seem to have the same thing about coffee as us swedes, it can´t be too strong. I love sitting on a café chatting with a friend and just keep the pen going over the paper.

Monday, September 15, 2008

First drawings from Helsinki, Finland

Here comes the first studies from Helsinki, Finland. The upper one is from the big cathedral in the middle of town. Finland is a neighbour country to Sweden but it´s still obvious that there are a lot of differences in architecture and style. The influences from east are not strong, but still noticeable to us. The people of Helsinki was very nice and polite and it was a sothing experience to walk through a capital that was so calm and suprisingly quiet, even for us Swedes. A visit is highly recommended.
This trip was meant to be a handful of days of inspiration and sketching. I went with a couple of friends that also work with art and design and this combination was great. We strolled around, visited design shops and the home of famous architect Alvar Aalto. And we had plenty of time to sit down and draw. Luckily the weather was with us and we had some sunshine and really desent temperatures. Fall is really here now and the cold is nipping on your fingers every morning. I can really recommend this type of travelling, whith peers and people who have the same interest. I guess you have all experiences the same inpatient sighs over your never ending eagerness to sit down and draw.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

During working hours

Life has been busy lately and though I´ve done some sketching I havn´t had any time to publish. Monday I returned from a trip to Helsingfors Finland. I´ve never been before even if it´s so close. Shame on me. It was fun though and I will publish a bunch of pictures later this week hopefully.
At the moment I´m on a project from town Mariestad and I was therefore I was there photographing some days ago. I stole little time and sat down drawing on the bank of river Tidan.
In the right of the picture is the residence of this regions governor. I especially like the bridge with it´s old lamp posts.