Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I recieved an award from Kazumiwannabe for creating a cool blog! Im very proud to be chosen but I´ve been a lousy blogger lately. ( I´m supposed to send it forward to ten others, but I will have to come back on that one ).I´ve been busy making plans for my upcoming move to a new studio/workplace. It has also been a dark, cold and snowy period that drains all energy out of you. There isn´t much good to say about Sweden in november. You just have to get through it. So there has not been much sketching outside work. But I´m very pleased that there has been some exciting incoming work despite of the financial difficuties that we all go through. Today I´ll post an old sketch. Maybe you´ll seen it before but it was the best one to illustrate the colors outside my window. Have a nice day everyone!