Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Evening sketches

Good evening,
Time to go to bed but I decided to post these pictures that I made this evening. It´s daylight until 11 and I want to enjoy it. I wanted to capture some details in town so I took the bike and did a little tour. The bike is very handy since I can sit on the parcel carrier ( I hope this is the correct word ).As you can see we have some very nice lamp post. These are actually quiet new but produced in an old design. My home town is very well preserved and is a popular place to visit among tourists. Our location by lake Vättern is probably another major reason for a visit.
By the way, I was back to my eye docor today.
My eyes are still healing and my eyesight is not perfect yet. But it will be eventually.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Waiting, healing

Hi everyone,
I´ve been a bit invisible here again but this time for a very good reason. I´ve had surgery on my eyes to correct my quiet impressive near sightness. It´s been two weeks now and my eye sight is almost back to 100%. I have used contact lenses for my entire grown up life. It´s still a bit problematic to work long hours in front of the computor but sketching out door is fine now.
My first attempt was this one.