Monday, April 28, 2008

History, bloody history

Today I had a meeting with a client half an hours drive from Skövde, where I have my office. On my way home I stopped to make this drawing. Up until a few years ago I did a lot of watercolors and I was all about drawing and painting the landscape. Then I got tired of it and turned my eyes to citylife instead. Today was actually the first time in a while I have chosen a motife like this. Andrea kindly commented on my lines and I think that they are the reason that I´ve left the watercolors somewhat behind in favour for the drawings. I love nice and fluent lines. The goal is to reach the point where the hand just move around without even leaving the paper and the brain stops analyzing the quality of the work. So what about the title.... well, this isn´t meant to be a history lesson at all but the landscape is full of it. In the early 13th century there were constant battles about the swedish throne. Between powerful familys and the also the danes put their feet in. In 1208 a big battle with thousands of soldiers from Denmark and Sweden fought just at this place and it was quiet messy. The Swedes won by the way.... :-)
The three steeples on the little church symbolizes three kings that met here during an easter a few years later. The thing in the middle is a bell tower and the manor lies in the background watching over the whole place.


no way said...

Beautiful work Christina. I also love drawing architecture, and am inspired by your work. Great lines and colors, looking forward to more!

SCquiltaddict said...

another lovely sketch...i understand what you mean about the line...been trying to do that drawing people...sometimes successfully sometimes NOT but yours are successful!!!

caseytoussaint said...

You draw so beautifully - and I really enjoyed the history lesson.