Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunshine and a hard days work

It was a wonderful weekend but I unfortunately had to spend a great part of it indoor cleaning up and moving out of a part of my home. Some reparation work is at hand and it always amaze me how much stuff I have collected even if I´m pretty good at throughing and giving away from time to time. I treated my self to some sketching though. This is from our main square. I´ve done it before but not this particular angle I think. While I sat there I suddenly noticed that a quiet uncommon car had parked in front of me. I combined it with it´s opposite, a Volvo station wagon that most families in this country seem to drive. Eventually I ended up down in the harbour. I sat with lake Vättern behind me. In this sceneI particularly like the color of the old ware house to the left. Today it holds some facilities for guesting boat owners.


beckasharpe said...

Wow, what amazing work! Your pictures are very vibrant and full of life. I stumbled accross your sketchblog following links from others. I'll definately be checking back regularly to see more of your work :)

Christina´s sketchblog said...

Hi Becka,
Nice. Thanks for stopping by and welcome back! I´ll try to update regularly-but sometimes life get´s in the way :-)