Monday, March 15, 2010

Could you help me out?

I´ve collected a couple of hundred of sketches the last few years. Most of them from Sweden. I must admit that I´ve been thinking about collecting them somehow, maybe get the opportunity to publish. But there are a couple of major questions before I give it a real chance.
1. The text between the sketches. What would you like to read about? Should there be very little text or longer parts.
2. The sketches... will it be boring to have all i color? Is a mixture of black and white and color to prefer?
3. Are these type of sketches something you would be at all interested in picking up in a bookstore?

4. The text would be in english, the motifs from Sweden. Is that a crazy idea?
I would be sincerely grateful for some thought from you out there. And you can be brutally honest..... well not too brutal maybe but definitaley honest.
All the best and thanx

Sunday, March 14, 2010

the Neighbours

No spring yet. We´re giving up hope here. Could someone pleeeeease move the gulf stream a bit in our direction.