Monday, April 28, 2008

History, bloody history

Today I had a meeting with a client half an hours drive from Skövde, where I have my office. On my way home I stopped to make this drawing. Up until a few years ago I did a lot of watercolors and I was all about drawing and painting the landscape. Then I got tired of it and turned my eyes to citylife instead. Today was actually the first time in a while I have chosen a motife like this. Andrea kindly commented on my lines and I think that they are the reason that I´ve left the watercolors somewhat behind in favour for the drawings. I love nice and fluent lines. The goal is to reach the point where the hand just move around without even leaving the paper and the brain stops analyzing the quality of the work. So what about the title.... well, this isn´t meant to be a history lesson at all but the landscape is full of it. In the early 13th century there were constant battles about the swedish throne. Between powerful familys and the also the danes put their feet in. In 1208 a big battle with thousands of soldiers from Denmark and Sweden fought just at this place and it was quiet messy. The Swedes won by the way.... :-)
The three steeples on the little church symbolizes three kings that met here during an easter a few years later. The thing in the middle is a bell tower and the manor lies in the background watching over the whole place.

A fieldtrip to Örebro

Now when the temperature is more pleasant I try to find time to get away on fieldtrips simply to draw. One big plus about Sweden is that within one hours drive there are quiet a lot of towns to visit. Some small, some bigger. This drawing is from Örebro. I sat down on a bench in one of the squares and had the square market in front of me. Always a nice motife. Hardly visible in the centre is a statue of a revolutionary guy, called Engelbrekt, ( very cool name that is sadly forgotten among swedish parents of today :-) )from our medievel history. He became a big heroe and now he is standing there looking out over the buzy street life.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

16 degrees celsius

Sometimes it´s really hard to be descreet. I dont´want people to feel stared at and see to obviously what I´m doing. So I use a smaller book than I actually prefer working in and I take short breaks looking in other directions than the subject. A friend by my side is a real excellent disguise. Someone to chat with.

A cup of coffee

A lot of sketches are made over a cup of coffee waiting for something or someone. These are from different places- the first very modern loungeplaces and the last one from a cosey place with worn in furniture and a livingroomfeeling to it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In Malmö

I have a lot of illustrations made over the year that a havn´t published for different reasons. But now I will try to make up for it. This one is just about one year old. Made in Malmö last april. Malmö is a town located in the very south of Sweden and it´s architecture and colors are much influenced by the architecture you find in Denmark.

The Hot dog guy

A really frozen guy stood at Stureplan in Stockholm, hoping to sell some hot dogs this february day. I passed by his stand and couldn´t help but making a really quick sketch. Since I can´t draw with gloves on I automatically sketch really fast.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A grey place

I did this sketch back in january. I was in Stockholm for a meeting and it was dark and freezing outside so I made this standing inside the lobby of Stadsteatern. It´s truly a grey and depressing view but still interesting to draw. I think it´s the steep perspective of the buildings that somehow saves the view.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The office dog

This is Baxter resting at my feet. He is true character. An english Cocker Spaniel own by my colleage, Marie.
These two positions are probably how you most often find him. A couple of times a day he makes a bold jump up in my knee, maybe to see how work is proceeding.