Monday, September 22, 2008

More from my trip

Thank you for your nice comments everyone. It´s make all the difference to know that someone apprieciate your stuff.
I was surprisingly productive during my trip to Finland and I still have some sketches to publish. The upper one is from the very centre of town were the big ferries from Sweden and Estonia anchor just in front of you. There are Viking lines red fleet and the blue one´s of Silja line. It´s pretty impressing. Most countrymen of mine come here with one of these on a the weekend or over-night cruise, staying just for a day. In the background a glimpse of the sea and the archipelago. Finland is the land of a thousand lakes and that is not an overexaggeration, rather the opposite.
Each evening we of course had to get a bite and we happened to end up at this italian place two nights in a row. Great food and a very nice athmosphere. And a great place to draw some of the other guests.
The lady with the cards is from the airport though. She and some other gals, I believe they were danish, spent the time before getting on a plane with a game of cards.
I´m already looking forward to next fall when we plan to go to Ireland. Please let me know if you have any other tip were else to go to draw.


Anita Davies said...

Great work Christina.
What size are your sketches in reality? They always seem so tiny here.

wagonized said...

All your latest sketches are beautiful and inspiring. You have such a keen sense of color too.

Christina´s sketchblog said...

Thank you. I guess a new place to discover probably inspires you to better work.
Anita, on this trip I brought a sketchbook size appr. 25x25 cm, maybe a bit smaller. In the harbourpicture I used both sides of the book so that one is around 40 cm wide. So the pictures are not that small. Have a nice week. I´m quiet busy with illustration work so I´m sorry to say that I don´t have any time to sketch this week. said...

Your drawings are truly wonderful. I will never make it to your part of the world, my husbands grandmother was born in Sweden, so there is a small connection, I got old too quick to travel any more so once more, thank you for the info.

suzanne said...

Love seeing the people! Especially the expression of the person playing cards.

I just noticed your traffic feed on your side bar. It's incredible to look at all the places you have visitors from. Amazing!