Monday, September 15, 2008

First drawings from Helsinki, Finland

Here comes the first studies from Helsinki, Finland. The upper one is from the big cathedral in the middle of town. Finland is a neighbour country to Sweden but it´s still obvious that there are a lot of differences in architecture and style. The influences from east are not strong, but still noticeable to us. The people of Helsinki was very nice and polite and it was a sothing experience to walk through a capital that was so calm and suprisingly quiet, even for us Swedes. A visit is highly recommended.
This trip was meant to be a handful of days of inspiration and sketching. I went with a couple of friends that also work with art and design and this combination was great. We strolled around, visited design shops and the home of famous architect Alvar Aalto. And we had plenty of time to sit down and draw. Luckily the weather was with us and we had some sunshine and really desent temperatures. Fall is really here now and the cold is nipping on your fingers every morning. I can really recommend this type of travelling, whith peers and people who have the same interest. I guess you have all experiences the same inpatient sighs over your never ending eagerness to sit down and draw.


Anita Davies said...

Fantastic sketces, sounds like a wonderful few days.

Rob Carey said...

Very nice. I am now wanting to visit Helsinki. I once had a student from there and I'll have to go now. Love this little scene.