Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Along the boulevard, Helsinki

Hi everyone,
Now I´ve manage to complete another of my sketches from Helsinki. This one is made outside the oldest café in town. At least that is what the guide told us. It is called Ekberg and has a completely real retrostyle. Nice to see that some places are untouched by the different styles that pass by and have managed to keep their soul. They served a nice lunchbuffé with hot soup, delicious sandwishes on the excellent finnish dark bread and great coffee. They seem to have the same thing about coffee as us swedes, it can´t be too strong. I love sitting on a café chatting with a friend and just keep the pen going over the paper.


Anita Davies said...

Wonderful work as usual.

petescully said...

just gorgeous stuff, this is the stuff i love, and the values are just right. really love it.

Rob Carey said...

great little scene, and the explanation, fun to read. relaxing.