Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tour to Gothenburg

I spent yesterday in Gothenburg with a handful of friends all eager to do some sketching. The weather was a bit unpredictable so we spent some time at a café escaping the rain showers. To top sketch is from one of those showers. You draw what you have in front of you, right. Around the corner is one of the best art supply stores in this area so we didn´t suffer. The second sketch pictures Hampus, our youngest artist, in a moment of deep koncentration. In the afternoon, we wondered off in to Haga. An old part of Gothenburg that today is a area full of cafés and design shops. A lot of artists and musicians live in this neighbourhood. All year around it´s full of tourists and people just strolling around. A big reason is probably the relief in not having to share the streets with cars.
When I studied for my Design degree I lived really close by and this was actually part of my walk to university.


Per H said...

These are really great, Christina! Especially the fourth, colors compositikon etc.

Rob Carey said...

So good! Your artwork is inspiring. I like it all.

ValkyriaMera said...

woah! you're amazing!
and these are really neat sketches of my little town too!
you really make it look so pretty! <3
oh my, Im so in awe for this!