Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back from Scotland

Have been in Scotland for a week together with my choir, Skövde Gospel. It´s been a week of singing and laughing but I also managed to get some sketches done between conserts and sightseing. It was raining a bit almost every day wich also disturbed my sketching-moments. The first image is our hotel in central Glasgow. What immediately strikes you when you travel is the color palette that shiftes between different countries and within a country as well. Many might see Sweden as a cold and pale place but being abroad actually makes me realize how colorful our architecture is for one thing. Red and yellow houses with bright orange tile roofs is so common to my eye that it´s not until a visit other cities with a lot of grey stone houses that I see the differences. It was great to be back in Scotland tough. It has been 14 years since the last time.

These two are from Edinburgh. My choir got the opportunity to sing in the Great Hall of the castle. Afterwards we had a couple of hours to see the town. Far to little. Quite frustrated I did these two while we had a cup of coffee and in the last case leaning against a wall.


Rob Carey said...

Really like your watercolors of Sweden. I hope some day to visit Sweden, as my wife is Swedish and my daughter has already been there twice. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Christina´s sketchblog said...

Thank you. I´ll definitely will continue publishing sketches from Sweden. I´ve had weather against me these last week but I´ll do my best.
best wishes Christina