Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In Gothenburg.....again

Hello, all blog readers. It´s really inspiring to continue this blog with the kind words you pour over me! The problem is that I get so eager to work with the blog that I forget about preparing for my watercolorclass in two weeks and my other commissions. The later have somehow spilled over and into my vacation by the way.... hm, how did that happen...... again!
Yesterday I jumped on the train again for a day in Gothenburg. The weather was perfect for a citytrip and I really felt like I needed some of the inspiration that you get from a bigger city. Gothenburg has appr. a pop. of 600 000 so it´s not that big and it has a relaxed and friendly athmosphere to it. I did one sketch that I was pleased with. In the foreground one of the canals in Gothenburg. Long ago there were more of them and the town was called Amsterdam of the north. But today only a couple is left. I didn´t get any of the many blue trams in the picture either but they pass over the bridge you see in the background all the time so maybe you can imagine one. The statue in the picture by the way seem to have a cardboardhat on.... and I have no idea why :-)


Rob Carey said...

Very inspiring to see your work. I like your penwork with the watercolor. So clean and just the right details.

Genine said...

such amazing line work.

Mindy said...

Your work is beautiful. I love the clean lines. My grandmother was born in Goteburg (how she spelled it) in 1884 :-)