Monday, April 28, 2008

A fieldtrip to Örebro

Now when the temperature is more pleasant I try to find time to get away on fieldtrips simply to draw. One big plus about Sweden is that within one hours drive there are quiet a lot of towns to visit. Some small, some bigger. This drawing is from Örebro. I sat down on a bench in one of the squares and had the square market in front of me. Always a nice motife. Hardly visible in the centre is a statue of a revolutionary guy, called Engelbrekt, ( very cool name that is sadly forgotten among swedish parents of today :-) )from our medievel history. He became a big heroe and now he is standing there looking out over the buzy street life.


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Christina, I have really enjoyed this visit to your blog. I could have commented on many more of your pieces. Your work is wonderful. Your lines so clean.

Welcome to the Everyday matters group and I very much look forward to seeing more of your work.

Why so much houses said...

Thank you Andrea for the nice comment!
I was glad that you appreciate my linework. I have a feeling that you as an artist are a colorperson or a lineperson. Í don´t mean that I don´t like to work with colors but I have always have had the tendency to dray and then color, while some other artists I know build the picture with the colors. Interesting! If yoy want to see some nice line work by an old master google on John Bauer. He was swedish despite the name.

wagonized said...

Amazing work here Christina. What a pleasant surprise. You bring your sketches to life with subtle addition of color. Gorgeous.