Monday, October 13, 2008


Hi everyone, had a pretty calm weekend. Coffee with friends, birthday party and a concert. It´s almost to cold now to do any outdoor sketching. I took some time sunday morning leaning against a fence and drew this little piece from Hjo ( my hometown ) It´s a part of the old quartiers with cobblestone and wooden housen almost climbing on top of each other along narrow streets. The bright yellow car at the left is one of the post office fleet. There were a bunch of them parked there but I decided that one was enough for this picture. Now I´m really starting to long for a sketching journey to Italy or Spain perhaps. The warmer temperatures, the nice landscape and architecture.... oh sweet dreams. Have a nice week everyone


Per H said...

As always I have to say - Such a great quality!

Guillaume Bonamy said...

Beautifull blog! I specialy like the simplicity of your sketches, so difficult to do it!

Charlene Fleming said...

Thanks so much for the link! I really love your city sketches. They're really simple and decisive and really give me the sense of being in another place. Beautiful work. :)

Greeny said...

Hello dear!

Nu kan vi kommunicera med varandra på det här lilla viset.