Thursday, June 05, 2008


Mornings and evenings are really the best times of the day to get out and sketch. This one was made the other day down in Hjo harbour while I was waiting for a meeting appointment. Not a bad way to spend an hour at all. And then the meeting was held in the beautiful garden of a café in town. I really love this time of the year. Even if it´s almost to hot to think outside the creativity is really bursting. Hope you all feel the same. In the sketch you can see the central parts of Hjo in the background. It´s nice with the variety in colors of the buildings.


rbz said...

How did you colorize this lovely drawing?

wagonized said...

Christina, i get a kick out of all these gorgeous plein air vignettes.
And i love the way you choose to color them.

Christina´s sketchblog said...

Hi and thank you for your comments.
I sketch outdoor on the spot with an inkpen on paper No fuzz there. I´ve been a watercolorartist for many years but since I also work as an illustrator I have grown to like a tecnique I´ve often use on those projects. I scan the sketch and color it in photoshop. But I have noticed that when coloring I still kind of think as an watercolorist. Best/ Christina

Laurel Neustadter said...

Nice sketch. I was also wondering how you colored it. Thanks for sharing your technique.

rbz said...

Hi Christina, thanx for your answer, I like these flat colours it gives a graphic look. I bother you with a last question; do you use a ruler or are the straight lines in houses/cityview by hand.
Regards Robert

Christina´s sketchblog said...

Hi Robert,
I never use rulers actually. So the stright lines are not that straight but since I color the sketches digitally I really want to maintain as much of the handmade look as possible. And the non-ruler approach kind of achieve that.Now, I will leave the computor for a couple of days but I hope to get back with some more sketches.