Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter sunday

This old house is located opposites my parents. It´s a summer house these days and has a lot of athmosphere and old charm.


Kim said...

hi Christina
you are the featured Artist at TAD this week :) :)
cheers Kim

Gracia said...

beautiful artwork in here! I think this house looks gorgeous, so scandinavian! and I love the clean line style! Colours in all the artworks are beautiful too!!

Graphic Designer said...

old charm. perfect words to describe it. you captured the rustic feel smack dab. love the certainty in your lines.

girl-interrupted said...

that reminds me of Arthur the cartoon series. I'd lvoe to live in one of those and own 12 cats.

Tag One said...

Like your stuff. Keep up the good work.
check out http://artofglenthomas.blogspot.com/ and drop a comment.