Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hi everyone,
Thank you for your nice comments. They keep me posting.
Last week I was out and about one evening and passed this old barn. The angle for the sketch is a bit boring since I was sitting in exactly in front of the building but the pond and the road limited my choise.
Having to do with the second best position for a drawing is very common, at least to me.
Have anyone of you experienced the same? I´m also a bit shy when it comes to sitting down in public and try not to
draw too much attention to myself.

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petescully said...

lovely drawing, i like how you handle trees. Yes, i try not to draw attention to myself when out drawing, like i want to be invisible or something. But i also want to be comfy, too many times i'm crouched on the street or on a kerb, and now i use a sketching stool with is light and easy to carry, it's so nice! Except now my paints on the ground are too far away...